Personal Training – Success Stories

Personal Training – Success Stories


Please read some of my personal training clients success stories.

  • “What I liked most about the Body Transformation program at QFit Training, is Brian.  Brian is very knowledgeable and was always willing to answer my questions, make suggestions on a healthier food option and keep my motivation up when I didn’t feel I was getting the results I anticipated. I would suggest the QFit Body Transformation Program to people and I DO!  I believe Brian starts with baby steps with your nutrition and exercise, he never pushes you into anything that would cause you pain during a workout and I have personally seen the results that can happen over a short period of time.  The number on the scale is not what I used to judge the results….it was the inches disappearing as clothes started to fall off of me.  Clothes I haven’t worn in years were now an option again in my wardrobe.  I know because of Brian it is an everyday decision to eat healthy and change from the stagnant fast food lifestyle Ive had for most of my life.  Even if I cheat or eat something I know is not the most healthy choice, I don’t dwell on that but instead focus on the next meal and try to improve from there.  And I learned all of that from Brian.”  Trisha H.

  • “I have been training with Brian since 9/12. He is amazing and the results that I have seen in myself are amazing, both physical and mental. For the first time in many years I feel good about wearing a swimsuit. I am so fortunate that he was recommended to me as a personal trainer.”  June S.

  • “In the months since I have started training with Brian I have come further than I ever imagined was possible. I have been physically active my entire life, but Brian has pushed me harder than any other coach or trainer and has shown me that my body is capable of incredible things that I never thought I would be able to accomplish. Deadlift 185 lbs? Done. I never thought I’d be able to do pullups, but here i am knocking em out. Technically speaking, he knows his stuff and under his guidance I’ve become stronger and more confident in my physical abilities.”   Lindsay F.

  • I’ve been training with Brian now for ten months.  His knowledge of the body has provided proven consistent results without having to overload each workout.  I’d recommend Brian for anyone looking to better themselves for the long haul.”  Josh Weprin, Co-Founder at FUSIAN

  • “Brian and his training program have helped me make significant gains in my recovery from fractures of the tibial plateau and wrist.  My strength, balance and stability have greatly improved.”  Catherine Y.

  • “I have been training with Brian Q since the summer of 2011 and I am very happy with the results.  I work out with him in a small group twice a week and I love it!  I have lost inches all over and my overall fitness has improved greatly!  He changes our workout every couple of weeks so that things don’t get boring.  We are on the TRX , the weight machines , and on the cardio machines like the bikes and the rowing machines.  I love working with Brian and I would recommend him to everyone!” Rachel H.

  • “I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My doctor and I decided the best thing I could do is to get stronger. I’ve been working with Brian since January 2012. I’ve never continued with an exercised program for so long in my life. Brian has been sensitive to my limitations, yet able to push me just far enough, that I am able to “feel the burn”. I always look forward to coming to workout, because Brian has set up a very positive, can-do environment. I originally purchased a 20 session workout pass, thinking there was no way I would use them all. Not only have I almost used them all, but I am planning on buying another 20 session pass. I am very proud of how far I’ve gotten, and I don’t think I would have gotten this far without my personal trainer, Brian Quaife!”   Laura B.

  • “Brian assisted me in maximizing the benefits of my workout and actually reducing the amount of time I spent in the gym.  His workout strategies were diverse enough that I can pick and choose routines based on  my schedule and energy level.  Working with Brian was a very positive experience and I am still seeing the results!”  Jill G.

  • “I have never enjoyed exercising that is until I met Brian.  I was about to celebrate a milestone birthday and I realized it was time to establish a daily workout regimen.  Brian accepted the challenge. He listens to my concerns and adjusts my workouts to meet my needs.  He is always smiling and happy.  My workouts are enjoyable and endurable all the while achieving the results that I am aiming for.  The time seems to fly by!  I actually look forward to my Tuesday/Thursday workouts.  I never thought I would ever say those words!  Thank you Brian for all of your hard work and wonderful conversation.”  Judi R.

  • “Brian has helped me regain strength in my arms that I have neglected for years. I would only use weights with my lower body because I was embarrassed of my arm strength. Brian prepared exercises and utilized machines to help increase my arm strenth. Now, I can do more weight than ever with my arms–thanks Brian!”   Sabrina S.

  • “Over the last three years I have had the pleasure to work with Brian through Personal (Individual) Training Sessions and Suspension Training. Brian helped me change my workout as I gradually got stronger and was very helpful in creating a fun/varied workout. Suspension Training allowed me to add a difficult but enjoyable workout to my week. Thankfully between the two I never get bored. Through both, Brian will help you work toward your goals.” Tova S.