Why Suspension Training Should Be Part of Your Program

“It looks like a medieval torture device!” This was the reaction from one of my clients the first time I asked them to try the TRX. By now you have probably seen someone using a suspension trainer on the internet or in a fitness magazine (TRX, Jungle Gym or Blast Straps) and you may think that it isn’t for you but let me give you a brief rundown on why you should consider including it as part of a fitness program.

1) Suspension training requires core activation for most exercises, which will strengthen the abdominal muscles, and I know everyone wants those ripped abs but even more importantly than that 6 pack the core is responsible for spine stabilization.

2) It is a very efficient way of getting in a full body workout given there are hundreds of different exercises you can do with just you and a couple straps.

3) More bang for your buck since it is easy and quick to switch from one movement to another you get a greater metabolic effect or in simple terms a higher calorie burn in the same amount of time.

4) It uses your bodyweight as resistance and you can adjust the difficulty of many exercises simply by changing your foot placement. So you can adjust the workout to your ability on the fly.

Suspension training can help everyone, from young athletes who should avoid heavy loads to seniors who want to improve balance and coordination giving them the confidence to attempt exercises they might not try other wise.